UI/UX Process

Building and maintaining a digital product, whether it is a mobile app, a website or a software, is an ongoing cycle business, from the early idea to the release. Even though it's easier to visualise all the steps in a straight timeline, in reality all the steps of the process do actually overlap and go into cycles. It is common to go back and edit a wireframe after some issues have been encountered while designing the UI, or to tweak user personas and journey after a feature has been implemented and tested. The key point is to keep the end user of your product always as the main focus. Iteration and testing of the main sections / features is crucial to observe user behaviour and gather data in order to validate choices and make the experience as enjoyable and functional as possible.

The Idea

Here is an example of the process. Let's try to design a music database that helps users to search, buy and sell any kind of music on any kind of media, track their collection and establish connections with artists and labels. We go through idea, research, planning and implementation, and we try to build a responsive web experience and a native app.

The example below shows a simplified process. The competitor and user research would be much more complex and detailed, prototype will cover all the versions on every platform, and no testing is shown for features and layout. The example is meant to illustrate the thinking process behind a digital product design and roughly the steps to get from the initial concept to the release.

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